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  • 15.04.2018

    Touring Circuses in the United States and Beyond

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      Circus Life

      The circus is NOT dead!

      Despite the closing of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey (May, 2017), circus performances continue to amaze and amuse audiences in the United States and around the world. (In fact, these shows now have more incentives and opportunities to play a fuller schedule). Some of these circuses have animal acts; others do not. Here in America (and globally), traditional circuses are STILL bringing their Big Top or coming to a venue in a city or small town near you!

      Circus in America

      These circuses are listed in alphabetical order: Visit each show's website link for more information on performances, locations, photos/video and ticket prices.

      Circuses may not have all of their "normal" or promoted acts in each performance. To determine what you might see in any particular show, contact that company directly. Performances are subject to change due to any number of unexpected circumstances.

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