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  • 01.03.2018

    ‘Journey for the Sun’ is marvelously ‘daffy’ and loads of fun

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      The two-story tall robot who shows up toward the action-packed finale of “Journey for the Sun:  Sci-Fi Cartoon Circus” is a charmingly low-tech wonder. It takes six actors to manipulate the tin-foil shiny creature, who looks like some unearthly love child borne of “Lost in Space,” “The Wizard of Oz,” the films of Ed Wood and a toaster oven.

      Confronted with a quartet of humans, the jumbo-sized smart machine in the Actors Gymnasium production has mixed feelings about them. On the one hand, there’s the human predilection for “deforestation, global warming and clashing plaids.” On the other hand, the contraption concedes, humans can be quite wonderful. Proof of this includes Claymation Christmas specials, compassion, art and “the way you talk to your cats when you think no one is looking.”


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