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  • 01.03.2018

    The Ultimate in Paris Circus Arts: 39th Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain

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      Acrobats, jugglers, rope climbers, balancers, aerialists, divers, flyers, urban dancers, diaboloists, cyr and aerial hoop whirlers—all moving their bodies in mind-bending ways and making leaps of faith that take our breath away. It’s the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain.

      The 39th Festival (presented in early February) etches images of strength and grace into the audience’s memory long after the final awards ceremony. By now, the young  international performers have returned to their rigorous training or circus arts work in the 16 countries that were represented this year in the competition. But they hold the promise of the future. And the images they have left behind will linger.

      Each year, this popular event features the best young circus arts performers in the world. These are the fit and fearless—passionate about their art, and a community in every sense of the word. 

      They compete for awards and recognition and leave with new friendships, and an expanded network of supporters and admirers. The jury and audience of directors, producers, agents, and choreographers offer a variety of possible opportunities.


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