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  • 30.01.2018

    Princess Stephanie Defends the Use of Animals in Circuses: 'This Is Part of Our Cultural Heritage

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      January 27, 2018 02:22 PM

      Princess Stephanie of Monaco has again defended the use of performing circus animals, labelling critics uninformed followers of “fashion.”

      In an interview with AFP tied to the annual Monte-Carlo Circus Festival, the 52-year royal — who also owns two rescued elephants — expressed support for greater industry regulation while calling for international recognition of circus tradition.

      “The time has come to act! Not all circus animals are unhappy;” the sister of Albert II, Prince of Monaco, said while announcing the launch of a petition requesting UNESCO formally designate the traditional circus a part of world heritage.

      “The circus was born with animals, horses at the start,” Stephanie, who is President of the annual Monte-Carlo Circus Festival, said. “This is part of our cultural heritage. It’s a whole, with clowns and acrobats.”


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