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  • 03.01.2018

    The Rock for president, a Neverland musical and all-female circus: London's Vault festival

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      Awarren of tunnels lies underneath Waterloo station. Chamber after chamber of brick and concrete, corrugated metal and snaking pipes. Though damp and dark, there’s something seductive about them. The entrance can be found on Leake Street, with its elaborate graffiti and heady tang of spray paint. London is a city of layers, and as trains rumble above and commuters go about their business, it is appealing to think there is art, music and magic taking place beneath our feet.

      A favourite location for immersive theatre-makers, the tunnels have been transformed into Wonderland for Alice’s Adventures Underground and the home of Roald Dahl’s most grotesque couple for Dinner With the Twits. For the last six years, they have also been home to the Vault festival.

      Since 2012 the festival has given emerging theatre-makers a showcase for their work during the cold weeks of February, a relatively quiet time in the theatre calendar. In this subterranean space, it’s possible to see a number of shows during a single night. This year, tickets start at £5 and go up to £28 for the biggest productions, such as Neverland, the Guild of Misrule’s immersive reworking of the Peter Pan story.

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