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  • 09.11.2017

    Review: The Big Apple Circus Is Ripe for Another Bite

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      A year ago, the Big Apple shrank a little. Big Apple Circus, which opened in 1977, had amassed more than $8 million in debt and did not produce a fall show. A crowdfunding campaign sputtered, and the circus filed for bankruptcy. But after a successful auction, Big Apple Circus has returned to Damrosch Park at Lincoln Center with its, well, core sensibilities intact.

      Big Apple Circus has switched from nonprofit to for-profit, but on a Saturday this month, the big top looked more or less the same. The souvenir stand had stayed modest; the portable toilets were unimproved. Concessions were of the chips-popcorn-churro variety, though the Dippin’ Dots came in a glowing cup, which seemed troubling. There was also a small booth selling beer and wine, where a few of the parents had lined up. At 11 a.m., some people find the circus taxing.


      On photo:

      Grandma, a clown played by Barry Lubin, floating through the tent at the Big Apple Circus, which recently returned to New York a year after filing for bankruptcy. 

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