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  • 30.08.2017

    Wanda rebuffs rumours its chairman Wang Jianlin had been barred from leaving China

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      Wang Jianlin, the magnate who has had to sell the majority of his hotels and theme parks last month to repay debt, has doused rumours that he’d been barred from leaving China, speaking out to quash speculations amid plunging stock and bond prices in his flagship company.

      “Some people with malicious motives have been spreading fake rumours about chairman Wang Jianlin,” his company Dalian Wanda Group said in a statement, dismissing as “groundless” the online claim that he had been detained by police at the Tianjin airport as he was about to leave China on a private jet.

      Rumours “initially appeared in mid-August, but were proved wrong when Wang visited Lanzhou,” the statement said


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