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  • 11.08.2017

    Akita Kanto Festival

    • Description

      For a moment everything stands still and then, with the signal of echoing sound of the bamboo flutes 230 Kanto poles are risen at the same time. The Festival has begun. In the swirl of cheering shouts, musical accompaniment, spectators' shouts of admiration and encouragement, performers' attention is concentrated to the Shinto offering of cut paper (Gohei) which is placed at the very top of the 15 meters high bamboo pole - the Kanto.

      The true charm of the Kanto festival is the show of the performers - simultaneously checking the slightest move of the Gohei that shows the direction of the wind and the tiniest unbalance, and at the same time managing freely the Kanto pole on their foreheads and lower backs. The shape of the whole Kanto can be compared to that of the ear of rice, all together 46 lanterns, imitating the straw bags of rice, swing at the slightest move.

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