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  • 11.07.2017

    Flying Fruit Fly Circus makes fun play of parental anxieties

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      Sydney Opera House, July 6. Until July 16Watching a boy on stage carefully put on a bike helmet, safety goggles and elbow pads seems normal enough. But when he winds several metres of bubble wrap around his middle, I start to worry. What kind of danger is he in?

      It's exactly this kind of parental anxiety that the Flying Fruit Fly Circus is batting out of the park in their new show JUNK, a vibrant and imaginative acrobatic showcase centred on a modern-day boy who slips back in time to a world – circa the 1940s – where children play on the street unsupervised and free of adult interference. The children teach him games of the past: hopscotch, noughts and crosses, riding on tricycles, bouncing on rubber tyres and, my personal favourite, elastics.


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