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  • 07.07.2017

    Thursday’s best TV: Circus Kids; Who Do You Think You Are?

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      Circus Kids: Our Secret World
      9pm, Channel 5

      This new series looks at the kids growing up, working and performing in a touring circus. Fifteen-year-old Yasmin dreams of a permanent slot as an aerialist, but she has only recently taken it up, with top performers starting at the age of three or four. Meanwhile, two-year-old twins Esmerelda and Scarlett are already part of their grandfather’s act. More dedicated, passionate and diligent young people would be hard to imagine. Ben Arnold

      Who Do You Think You Are?
      9pm, BBC1

      The genealogy quest returns for its 14th series, raising the question of how much mileage is left in the format before they have to conscript members of the public. Tonight, it’s the turn of veteran thesp Charles Dance. The principal thread of this episode is Dance’s father, whom the actor barely knew. Indeed, it turns out that Dance knew even less about him than he realised, and what he does discover is genuinely startling. Andrew Mueller...

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