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  • 07.07.2017

    Cirque du Coraki: Mystery donor funds circus in small country school

    • Description

      Amid the standard curriculum of reading, writing and arithmetic, students of a small country school are joining the circus, right in their own school yard.

      It's part of a social experiment funded by a local anonymous philanthropist, whose generosity this year funded the circus spectacular, Cirque du Coraki.

      The creative director of the show, Jacqui Levy, is also a music teacher at the school.

      "My main passion has always been working with kids who find it hard to fit into the school system," Ms Levy said.

      "I think circus is a really valuable way to engage those kids because often they're very physical.

      "It's a really good way for them to feel a sense of self-worth."

      Coraki Public School in northern NSW has fewer than 100 students, and many of them come from disadvantaged backgrounds...

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