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  • 27.10.2016

    The Greatest Show on Earth. Absinthe.

    • Description

      Alright. By naming Absinthe the Greatest Show on Earth, I’m revealing that there is a side of me that is politically incorrect and raunchy. I still love sustainability and rainbows. However, Las Vegas is a chance for all of us to sidestep the exhausting fluffiness and responsibility of always doing the right thing and experience something, well, surprising. It takes a team and troupe as brave as Spiegelworld to marry in-your-face, anything-can-happen, rather filthy, improvisation with the grace, artistry and intoxicating beauty of the impeccable athletes that perform the intimate circus acts of Absinthe.


      Absinthe’s “Bubble Girl” Charlie Starling.

      Do you remember the first time Las Vegas neon flashed in your face, or showgirls stripped to their pasties? The awe and delight that shivered straight from your eyes to your bones? Absinthe shucks your virginity in the same way, wooing you back to those eye-popping Wow moments, where you wonder if what you are watching is even legal.

      So, what exactly is Absinthe and why is it the Greatest Show on Earth?

      Absinthe is a sexy, daring in-your-face circus/speakeasy that could only be set in Las Vegas. It is poetic, beautiful, inspiring and insulting. The master athlete/performers are so close that you can hear the grunts of Billy England from the Skates of Hell team, as he rushes to the speed necessary to whirl Emily England (a contortion artist with beauty that could launch a thousand ships) around and around — her head just inches from the platform.

      The acrobatics are awe-inspiring and terrifying in the same breath. There is no room for error… For mistakes… Or for any of the performer athletes to sip a little of that Green Fairy drink that you’ve just gulped down.

      Absinthe is the perfect name.

      Hallucinogenic. As the name implies, Absinthe is more risqué, dangerous and mind-altering than your run-of-the-mill libation (circus) — in every way. You may as well give in, and order up your own Green Fairy cocktail right when you step in the tent.

      Van Gogh. The artistry of Absinthe is laid on in thick brush strokes. After experiencing the allure of Natalia, Charlie, Melody and Emily, you’ll empathize with the artist’s obsession that led to him cutting off his own ear.

      Astonishing. In a world that has beaten most of us down to be amazed by almost nothing, Absinthe will wow and awe you with in your face athletic feats that make you want to attach safety harnesses to the performers. Just when you think you might faint from holding your breath so long, the host, The Gazillionaire, lets out a string of curses and ethnic insults so eye-popping you cannot believe your ears.

      F Bombs. While the sculptured performances fascinate and delight you, the vulgar jokes strike suddenly, like a viper, to paralyze you.

      Intimate. Acrobats on a high wire are so close to the audience that you can see the chair wiggle perilously as The Frat Boys set up for the finale.

      Don’t worry that I’m drilling into the details. It’s like a Christopher Nolan film. I could describe Absinthe for hours, and you’d still be drowned in the hallucination the minute you step into the tent.

      Absinthe is unique, refreshing, appealing… and slightly distasteful. It’s not a cocktail that you’ll want to drink again at breakfast. However, the aftertaste will leave you dreaming and reminiscing all day long…


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