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Audition & Gigs

Circus Promoters providing world class shows, Artists of various genres, Musicians, Dancers, artistic groups - creating presentations for private and corporate events Worldwide.

We are proud to be a truly global specialists when it comes to providing high class entertainment for private and corporate events at an international level. 

We have extensive and regularly updated database of talents, providing most interesting circus shows, acts, artists of different genres, musicians, magicians, stunt performers, dancers from all over the world. Simply talking we can get any artist, musician, or show and our expertise will save you time and money.

 Circus Promoters is based in Canada and Japan, our team speaks several languages, including Chinese and Japanese with representatives in USA and China. 

We are working closely with America's got Talents TV Show

Our team members have working experience at companies such as Cirque du Soleil, and we can offer you professional expertise and knowledge, high level of performance and entertainment both international and local, wherever you decide to have your event.

Contact us via email for information, options or price quotes.