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About us

Circus Promoters LTD is a full-service casting, booking and management talent agency operating on a worldwide arena. 

We are based in Japan and Canada, with representatives in USA, Taiwan and Ukraine. 


Circus Promoters is dedicated to representing the most unique circus productions and circus artists in the industry. Our commitment is to all circus genres including cabaret, dance, burlesque and athletic performers. CP works with both established artists and developing artists looking to build their profiles.


We are uniquely talented group of experienced entertainment industry professionals, managers and creative thinkers. We represent a variety of artists and advise our clients on industry opportunities and challenges. Our team of managers and circus creatives are passionate about building spectacular, engaging and authentic circus experiences and unique show content.


In addition to booking and casting we also specialize in creating and promoting show programs for circuses, theaters, festivals, and special events around the world.



Circus Promoters - build for Artists and Employers. Simple